Our Working Style

“Working with compulsion is not for long, but working with Fun is for Life long and we will continuously keep moving forward to lead with Fun at workplace.”

Change is necessary for every one so every month we are providing different schemes on accessory and service delivery with full of excitement and also we get the best result from the our team.

We arrange picnic and birthday parties with family for engineer’s motivation. Also we arrange a tour for review meet every six months with awards ceremony for refreshment.

  1. Open calls <100.
  2. No visit calls 0.
  3. No of Ms.Giene 1200.
  4. Part pending calls >1 days ware 0
  1. Achieved unbelievable secondary 17L collection target in May 2009.
  2. Achieved 1.52L collection in single day.
  3. Set one benchmark by our team in Dec 2009.we sold 3000nos accessory in single month.
  4. Our team sold highest 3000 number of accessory in Dec 2009.
  5. Achieved >90% Ucc score every month.

Our team is ready to achieve new different mile stones in 2010 also…..